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A unique piece, signed and dated with a wonderful view of Rye and his signature sheep.

This painted ukulele was part of 'Art on a Ukulele'


The Hepatitis C Trust teamed up with the artist Mick Rooney RA, the UK's foremost independent

ukulele maker Pete Howlett and The Ukulele Orchestra of GreatBritain to work on this project.


Luminary artists such as Bill Jacklin RA, Allen Jones RA, Cathie Pilkington RA,

Ramiro Fernandes Saus, PJ Crook, Norman Ackroyd CBE RA and many more

have taken part and decorated instruments.


They where then played 

by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain at a performance at The Jazz Cafe in Camden, London

on September 12, before being auctioned

This piece unfortunately suffered some minor damage and so I am pricing it with this in mind.




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